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Observatory on contemporary families

PRG Retail Group’s Observatory of Contemporary Families is a laboratory for monitoring and studying the indicators guiding and influencing the Italian families’ dynamics and attitudes, with surveys on both demographic samples and panels of the Group’s employees.

Set up in 2020 with the scientific support of BVA-DOXA, the Observatory has been focusing on four social research projects so far (February and October 2020 “La sfida dei genitori italiani nell’Italia del 2020” – “The challenge of Italian parents in the Italy of 2020″; April 2021 “Figli? Sì! 3 italiani su 4 pensano a un figlio nei prossimi 5 anni” – “Children? Yes! 3 Italians out of 4 are thinking of having a child in the next 5 years”; October 2021 “Sostenibilità: una pratica sospesa tra il dire e il fare” – “Sustainability: a practice between saying and doing”; June 2022 “La parola ai ragazzi. Il genitore ideale? 1 su 2 lo vorrebbe paziente e simpatico” – “Word to kids. The ideal parent? 1 out of 2 would like it to be patient and friendly”) and aims at getting the stakeholders’ and public opinion’s attention on fields where parents’ and families’ challenges evolve and take shape every day, fostering dialogue and sharing.

The activities and contents produced by the Observatory are also of high interest to the Italian media: data from the first surveys were taken up by major daily newspapers and press agencies, business, lifestyle and sector publications at a national level, generating over 200 articles.

PRG Indagine "Il genitore ideale"_settembre 2022
PRG Indagine "Sostenibilità"_ottobre 2021
PRG Indagine "Figli? Si!"_Parents-to-be_Parental skills@work_aprile 2021
PRG Indagine "La sfida dei genitori italiani nell'Italia del 2020"_ottobre 2020