Prénatal Retail Group: our brands

On October 9th, 2017 Artsana S.p.A. obtained full control of Prénatal Retail Group, managing the brands Prénatal, Toys Center, Bimbostore in Italy and Europe and King Jouet in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

In 2020 Prénatal Retail Group has found itself face to face with the global pandemic, hence had to accelerate the important process of digitalization of all its Brands in a decisive manner.

The objective was to go on providing all the families with essential goods and services, especially in times so critical and challenging. The on-line sales raised to 75 MLN € with an increase of +138%, reaching a grand total of 96 MLN € together with omnichannel/web-to-store sales, corresponding to the 10% of the total turnover.

prg distribution
prg distribution




€ 1,085 MLN

in 2020

462,000 SQM.

total store

22 MLN


“Toys Center: Dove inizia l’avventura”

“Bimbostore – tutto è più facile”