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Let’s grow together

Let’s Grow Together perfectly represents the long sustainability journey that will allow us to grow and learn over the years, with the invaluable support of customers and various stakeholders.


PRG’s growth will go hand in hand with the growth of children and families, year after year in a responsible way to help ensure a future for the next generation.



My hope and commitment is that the future we are planning with our stakeholders can be increasingly devoted to a truly sustainable and inclusive Kids & family Hub, able to welcome and support families all over Europe, sharing our ongoing growth with them.



Amedeo Giustini

CEO PRG Retail Group

The 5 pillars of PRG sustainability strategy


Making Good Products

focused on products in terms of design, use of raw materials, quality control, packaging, and end-of-life management


Supporting a responsible value chain

monitoring suppliers’ environmental and social performance, being sure that workers’ rights are safeguarded, and the environmental aspects of production are monitored to understand how to minimize the impacts


Fighting for a better climate

monitoring trends in GHG emissions over different years and identifying reduction activities, in view to achieve carbon neutrality


Valuing our people

implementing a welfare system for PRG’s employees, with particular attention to their growth and training as well as their engagement


Growing Responsibly

is directed at customers, with the aim of guiding them towards more informed buying choices, and towards children, raising their awareness on sustainability topics

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