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We are a Group driven by passion and responsibility, with open mind and a persistent focus on new growth and development horizons.

The PRG world
"Grow with Us" summarises and fully expresses our desire to build a wonderful project day by day: to grow with children and families, bringing value to their lives and their world, together with our partners. With this vision, we intend to consolidate our role as the first Kids&family hub in Europe and strengthen the unique and long-lasting relationship of trust that already makes us the reference point for 31 million families.
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Our numbers
al 31.12.2022
8 Banners in 9 countries
957 Points of sales
31 mln Families
6,701 Employees on global scale
1,196 mln € Turnover in 2022
Let's Grow Together represents the spirit of the sustainability journey that will allow us to grow and learn over the years, with the invaluable support of our customers and various stakeholders.
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