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Launched in the 1990s, Toys Center has been guided by the Giochi Preziosi Group and over the past fifteen years has become the leading toy retailer in Italy through a series of acquisitions.
Over the years Toys Center has developed a family-friendly format and consistently expanded its product range of toys to include childcare products and textiles in increasingly larger stores covering the length and breadth of Italy.

  • 126 stores
  • 1698 employees
  • € 395 Million turnover in 2018
  • 10.8 Million customers: the equivalent of the population of Portugal
  • 156.750 m2 overall retail space: the equivalent of seventeen football pitches
  • 27.9% market share: 1 of every 3 toys sold in Italy is sold in a Toys Center store (1)

(1) Source NPD


Toys Center is the only toy specialist chain in Europe with a higher than 20% share in the national market.

With an extensive year-round offering featuring all the market’s top brands and a product range that includes over 1,500 exclusive items, Toys Center sets itself apart from the other retailers and stores in Italy.

The wide range of products is also available in the online store, which offers customers the opportunity to use a “click-and-collect” service and create a wish list.

Shop online: www.toyscenter.it