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We dress every growing child with style and expertise


Prénatal was launched in France in 1947, and opened its first Italian store in Milan in 1963. Having provided a trusted service for over fifty years, Prénatal is now the brand of choice for all mums.

Prénatal was acquired in 1996 by the Artsana Group, whose key brands include Chicco and Boppy in the children’s market and Pic Solution and Control in the health and wellness market. Prénatal S.p.a controls 100% Prénatal S.A. (Spain), Prénatal Lda (Portugal) and Prénatal Aebe (Greece).

In addition to an extensive selection of the world’s top childcare product brands, Prénatal also offers a wide range of dedicated specialized clothing for new mums and «bespoke» clothes for newborns and children: all these exclusive creations are sold under the Prénatal brand.

  • Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece
  • 243 stores, including 139 directly-operated stores
  • 1189 employees
  • € 280 Million turnover in 2018
  • 109,800 m2 overall retail space: the equivalent of twelve football pitches
  • 7,3 Million customers: the equivalent of the population of Switzerland

The network of Prénatal stores offers special services, such as Mums’ Meetings, the Newborn’s List, Info for mums, a breastfeeding area, and a relaxation area.

The wide range of products is also available online with the opportunity to use a «click-and-collect» service and create a wish list.

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